The Advantages of Buying a Townhouse

Whether you're entering the housing market as a first time buyer or down-sizing from a larger family home, Duvanco's 2-storey and bungalow townhomes offer buyers attractive and affordable advantages.

Duvanco Townhomes in Potters Creek, Belleville
Duvanco Townhomes in Potters Creek, Belleville

Today, the real estate market in Belleville has a wide variety of homes for buyers to choose from. Some may prefer the space of a single-family or semi-detached home, but what about the lifestyle offered by a townhome?

Living in a Duvanco townhouse, can feel like you’re living in a single-family home and we have many coming available soon in our beautiful Potters Creek subdivision.

With building lots in this desired neighborhood at a premium, our townhouses represent a growing share in the local real estate market. These townhouses are a smart option for many new homebuyers and young families entering the market.

Here are some of the advantages:

Less Maintenance

Repairs and maintenance are still the homeowner’s responsibility but, upkeep is reduced due to the design of the units. Townhouse units have shared walls on either side, leaving the owner accountable only for maintaining their own exterior walls.

A townhouse yard is usually smaller than a yard in a single-family home too so, naturally they would require the homeowner to perform less yard work.

Townhouse Lifestyle

When you live in a townhouse, you immediately become part of a community lifestyle. Townhouses are situated in close proximity which logically connects you to the townhome owners around you. Even with this close community feel, you still have your own distinctive area without anybody living above or below you. Take a drive through our Potters Creek subdivision and find your perfect neighborhood.


Another advantage of the townhouse lifestyle is a greater sense of security. In most cases entry points are reduced to the front and back making it easier to recognize suspicious people or activities. It won’t be very difficult to find someone to pick up your mail or park a car in the driveway when you’re on vacation either. Sleep even more peacefully at night knowing you are surrounded by neighbours with a vested interest in the safety of your home and theirs.


Aldersgate Townhome design by Duvanco HomesIn spite of the worries and possible costs of financing, our townhouses in Potters Creek offer the smartest home buying option. The multi-level and bungalow layouts with private entry will make you feel like you’re living in a single-family home but, free from a lot of the expenses that come from keeping and maintaining a full size lot with a single-family home.

The Duvanco Bungalow Townhouse designs are second to none. Everything is there at your fingertips in these townhouses. We have an excellent open concept design, with main floor laundry that has more usable space than other designs on the market. All units are designed to let in more natural light. In other similar interior units, this is not easy to find. These bungalow units will have single car garages and an available option to finish the basements. Exterior units have double car garages.

New 2 storey Townhomes from DuvancoThe two storey townhomes in Phase 3 of Potters are a first for us. These units are actually larger in total square footage than the bungalows with unfinished basements and also little more affordable. We were able to achieve this affordability by offering various options throughout the townhomes. Exterior units have 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths with no garages. In the interior units, there are options for 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath layouts. We always offer the option to finish the basements which would add another bedroom and bathroom to your floor plan.


The benefits of buying a townhouse continue when you factor in the cost. Townhouses are generally less expensive than single-family homes, even when they’re situated in the same neighbourhoods.

Townhome living also provides reduced utility costs. Heating and cooling costs can be significantly lower due to shared walls which help prevent heat loss.
Duvanco Homes’ townhouses offer the latest in sophisticated, contemporary style with options for high-end finishes, beautiful upgrades and tasteful design.

If single-family home ownership seems like a fantasy, maybe a townhome is the perfect solution. Detailed pricing information is available upon request.

Make your next home a Duvanco townhome and benefit from the many advantages of townhome living. For more information, contact the Duvanco Homes Sales Team and stay tuned to our FB and website for upcoming information on the Grand Opening of our very first 2-storey townhome model.