Designing your child's bedroom can be a family affair!

Children's rooms offer so many possibilities to be creative with design - start by including your child's ideas!

Designing your child's bedroom can be a family affair!

Designing a kid’s bedroom can be so much fun. Allowing your children to participate in the design may make it go a little more smoothly and they will love it so much more than if you plan it yourself. Don’t worry whether or not it flows with the rest of your home. This is their space. It should be fun and coincide with their interests & hobbies. Let them go to it! You may be surprised yourself!

Bright Bold Colours

This is your chance to use bright, bold, colours. From the walls, to the ceilings, to the floors…your child will love it!

There is so much you can do with a new paint job. Ceilings look good when painted in one of your chosen colours. Stripes painted on the walls are another great idea; do the whole room or just an accent wall. Measuring and taping for this technique is a must to make the stripes look good. Make sure the tape you use is of good quality. Some tapes will allow for bleed-through, effectively ruining your stripes.

If you’re not in the market for new flooring, try an accent or area rug. There are many local shops that have large assortments of flooring accessories.


striped walls and sports themed fixtures in a boys bedroomIf you’re at a loss for ideas, try starting with a theme. A theme can keep you on track during the planning phase, especially if you and your child have multiple ideas that may not look great together. If you’ve narrowed it down to a few ideas, and still can’t choose, don’t be afraid to blend themes. You will know very early in the process if the two themes compliment each other or not.

Some ideas for children’s themes: Sports, Technology, Ocean, Victorian, Country, Travel, Jungle, Egyptian, favourite cartoon/movie characters...there really are endless options to choose from.

Murals and Artwork

bedroom for a girl with bright colours and floral designMurals look great in any child’s room. They can be beautiful or cartoony. You may want a custom piece drawn by yourself or, if you are not artistically inclined, hiring an artist to design and paint the custom mural is an option. Either way a mural is a great way to dress up a child’s room.

Artwork is a great finishing piece too as it can inspire and motivate. You can make custom pieces out of old sports equipment or put your child’s art in a frame.

Some lighting fixtures can also be considered a work of art these days. Tie a beautiful hanging light into the design and watch your child’s face light up!