World Water Day

For World Water Day, Mike Holmes wants you to take a moment to consider your home water system and how it impacts your family.

Mike Holmes and Mike Holmes Jr. discuss the importance of home water systems for World Water Day.
Mike Holmes and Mike Holmes Jr. discuss the importance of home water systems for World Water Day.

World Water Day is March 22 every year. It is a good time to remind ourselves the importance of building smart and making decisions as builders, contractors and homeowners that will have long-term health impacts. Health has always been a big part of what I do. It’s also important to my family. My son Mike Jr. has always cared about staying healthy, being active, doing good things and doing things right.

When you are making decisions for your family, think about their health, the environment and about sustainability. From collecting rainwater to watering our lawns, washing our cars, and flushing our toilets; installing better, more efficient appliances and lo-flow water fixtures to help conserve water.

Water filtration

Choosing better water filtration systems in our homes can remove 99.99 percent of bacteria and contaminants, so that we’re making sure our drinking water and the water we use to cook and wash our vegetables in is safe, and protects our family’s health—these are all things that we can each do to live better with water.


Scale is like poison to your very expensive kitchen appliances. It can corrode and jam mechanical parts. Hard water increases water heating costs due to scale buildup and mineral deposits, and more frequent replacement of hot water heating elements.

By removing scale from your water at home, you allow your appliances to function better and last longer. And the other benefit is not seeing spots on the dishes that come out of your dishwasher. I just installed a product in my home that protects my plumbing and appliances from scale buildup. It breaks down existing scale, protecting the water heater, pipes, shower heads, and appliances. If you are interested, you can check out this unit I installed.

World Water Day is about making better decisions when it comes to our water, from how we use it and protect it, to how we consume it and manage it. There’s plenty of room for improvement and we can all do our part to help make it right.