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Client Testimonial

"I thought I would take a minute to send along a thanks to Dustin and his team at Duvanco Homes.

We purchased this home back in the Spring, it was built for a previous owner who unfortunately did not stay long (well fortunate for us)

From the very beginning, even though Dustin didn’t build this home for us, his team helped. Lou Anne took my initial calls about well records, and was expeditious in getting back to me with the information I needed. So Kudos and thanks to her.

When the occupancy inspection was completed, the septic system was identified as needing attention…… so like all naïve home owners new to Septic we had it pumped. The gentleman who pumped the tank advised us $10,000 worth of “other work” was necessary due to the tank being left full for so long. Being a newer home, we were devastated. However, yet again, Dustin was quick to make a few phone calls on our behalf and helped us to see what really needed to happen. He Sent out a wonderful gentleman who walked us through how to care for the septic, and some friendly guidance on best of the best in the business J So Kudos and thanks for this also.

Just this past week, we ran into another hiccup with the propane, and once again Dustin had D&K on the phone helping us within an hour! They were friendly and helpful in finding us solutions to the problems, even though they ended up being as a result of the previous owners “handyman special”.

Once again, above and beyond!

All this being done for people who happened to buy a Duvanco Home…. Now this is what I call Exceptional Customer Service.

So Dustin, I wanted to express my sincere thanks for all your team has done for us. I tell everyone how much we LOVE our Duvanco Home. Without a doubt, the home is built to the highest standards, that’s why we purchased it. But what I find truly exceptional is your customer service.

“For your PEACE OF MIND- The Holmes Approved Homes Program delivers confidence in your investment, so you can feel secure in your choice of a better, more durable home built right from the ground up”.

For anyone who is looking to buy or build a home, the after service the Duvanco Team provides is another piece you definitely don’t sell yourself enough on."