March 23, 2015

Duvanco approved by Mike Holmes

We are pleased to announce that Duvanco Homes has been chosen as a Holmes Approved Homes builder.

Mike Holmes approves Duvanco Homes

After numerous inspections of our homes in progress and discussions about the way we build, Mike Holmes and his team have given Duvanco Homes their stamp of approval as a Holmes Approved Homes builder. We're the only builder in the Quinte/Prince Edward County area to receive this recognition. What we're most proud of is that we haven't had to change a single thing in the way we build in order to achieve this designation.

Our homeowners have long known that Duvanco homes are comfortable and built to last. From the beginning, we believed that minimum code requirements were just that - a minimum - and we've always exceeded these minimums in our building practices. Now our approach has been validated by Canada's most-trusted contractor, Mike Holmes. Through his HOLMES Approved Homes Program, Mike is partnering with industry-leading builders to ensure buyers get a home that's built to his standards.

Here's what the folks at Holmes Approved Homes had to say about us:

"Duvanco Homes are defined by sensible floor plans, attractive designs and premium upgrades, making them healthy, modern living spaces for families, couples and single homeowners. From the quality of materials and workmanship to their energy efficiency and contemporary elegance, you can see and feel the difference in a Duvanco Home—built to fit your life, now and in the future with support from a team of professionals to help make your home perfect for you. When you buy a Duvanco Home, you live the difference, and you love your home."

All new homes will now be certified under the Holmes Approved Homes program. Upgraded packages providing even greater energy efficiency, superior insulation and indoor air quality, and structural reinforcement are available along with additional inspections during construction.

So what does being a Holmes Approved Homes builder mean to Duvanco homeowners? First of all, it means that they're purchasing a home that is built to the highest standards. Secondly, all new homes are eligible to be certified by the Mike Holmes team with a minimum of 3 inspections at various stages in the building process. When it comes time to sell, prospective buyers can feel confident that they are purchasing a home that's built right. And current homeowners can feel assured of the quality of their homes since all our homes, past and present, have been built to the same high standards that impressed Mike Holmes.

Click here to learn more about the Holmes Approved Homes program.

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