Holmes Approved Homes Builder

Mike Holmes

We're proud to say that Duvanco Homes has been chosen by Mike Holmes as the Bay of Quinte's exclusive Holmes Approved Homes builder.

Our homeowners have long known that Duvanco homes are comfortable and built to last. Now our approach has been validated by Canada's most-trusted contractor, Mike Holmes. Through his HOLMES Approved Homes Program, Mike is partnering with industry-leading builders to ensure buyers get a home that's built to his standards.

According to Mike Holmes, "Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. The HOLMES Approved Homes Program is about protecting that investment and building it right the first time."

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Every Duvanco home is certified to the minimum standard required by Mike Holmes. All homes receive a certificate along with the inspection report and a label on the electrical panel to verify the home. When it comes time to sell your Holmes Approved Home, certificates are fully transferable to the new owner, providing you with a unique selling feature!

Visit the Holmes Approved Homes website for more information.


The HOLMES Approved Homes Program consists of three package options:

The HOLMES Stage Inspections Package

The HOLMES Stage Inspections Package gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your new home is what it should be: Safe, protected and built right the first time. Your home receives three full home inspections completed by an Approved Mike Holmes Inspector during key stages of construction, including full photo documentation.

All Duvanco homes meet this standard and are certified as part of the purchase price.


  • 3 stage inspections
  • Inspection summary binder
  • Thermal imaging scan
  • Photo documentation
The HOLMES Upgrade Package

The HOLMES Upgrade Package not only includes everything in the HOLMES Stage Inspection Package plus an additional stage inspection, it also incorporates supplementary construction features, products and materials that make your home built right for tomorrow. That means healthier living environments, a stronger and more resilient structure, plus increased durability and energy efficiency.


  • 4 stage inspections
  • Inspection summary binder
  • Thermal imaging scan
  • Photo documentation
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Safer & healthier products
  • Increased mould, moisture & fire resistance
The HOLMES Complete Package

The Complete HOLMES Package sets a new standard of excellence that takes residential construction to the next level. It features trusted workmanship, the top products on the market and the best building practices in the industry to build a home that is healthy, green, energy-efficient, fire- mould- and moisture-resistant.


  • 6 stage inspections
  • Inspection summary binder
  • Thermal imaging scan
  • Photo documentation
  • Highest indoor air quality
  • Superior insulation & soundproofing
  • Maximum mould, moisture & fire resistance
  • Reinforced structure
  • Increased energy efficiency